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Hi! Thank-you for visiting my blog! This blog is dedicated to to being skinny and healthy! I DO NOT promote eating disorders! Submit anything skinny!
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  • I want to tone my stomach, any workout ideas? x

    Asked by Anonymous

    eat healthier, and do ab workouts

    5'2 :)

    Asked by Anonymous

    If you’re 5’2 and around 100 lbs and have a small frame, you could gain around 15 lbs and still be considered healthy. And you’re prob. as fit as you can get. 100 lbs in good for your height. Add a little variety in your diet along with the exercise you already do 5 times a week, and you’ll feel better all around. btw i am not a physician.

    would cycling make me lose fat or would it just make me gain muscle or both? :)

    Asked by Anonymous

    Your legs would get toned, so you would gain a little muscle and nice calves! When you gain muscle, you lose fat.

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