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Hi! Thank-you for visiting my blog! This blog is dedicated to to being skinny and healthy! I DO NOT promote eating disorders! Submit anything skinny!
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  • Thank you for everything i'll keep doing my workout and when i'm ready i'll submit a photo with my results, thanks :)

    Asked by Anonymous

    Awwww yay submit a before and after

    how can i get really thin and long legs like alexa chung? and when you said cycling gives you "nice calves" do you mean like muscly toned calves or lean skinny calves? thanks so much

    Asked by Anonymous

    when u exercise, you get rid of fat then muscle can develop/tone up. So it really depends on how long you cycle for an exercise.  If u cycle a lot then you’ll prob. get really toned calves. 

    I normally watch what I eat but at yesterday's easter dinner I let myself go a lot and ended up eating a shit ton.. :S Is it ok to let myself go from time to time?

    Asked by Anonymous

    yes of course 

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