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Hi! Thank-you for visiting my blog! This blog is dedicated to to being skinny and healthy! I DO NOT promote eating disorders! Submit anything skinny!
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    I know this isn’t your typical before and after pic, as we are conventionally taught we should aspire to make ourselves smaller.  But I wouldn’t have my before and after any other way.  the photo on the left is me around the time I was diagnosed with EDNOS with anorexic tendencies— at around 100 lbs I was losing my hair, I stopped menstruating, I couldn’t stay awake for more than a few hours, I would lose feeling in my hands and feet doing simple tasks like typing or writing because my nerves were being damaged. I was sick and wreaking havoc on my body because I had this idea put in my head that cheerleaders and dancers needed to be thin and fragile.  Today I stand at 5’2” and weigh in at 150.  36DD—28.”—42”.  at 20 years old (as of yesterday :D) I have been  in recovery for almost four years, but I’m still paying for the damage done to my body.  I was destroying myself based on complete falsehoods put in my head by society and my environment. I love my body today. I have never had this much energy and I’m in the  best shape of my life. this is the way my body was built to be.  I am so strong and I would take my muscular thighs and strong biceps and big calves over my former state of being any day (while there’s nothing wrong with being thin, there was nothing healthy or natural about my lifestyle: I am just not built to be a skinny girl).  Never let anyone tell you that curvy isn’t healthy. I now dance on my college poms team and I’m extremely active. healthy and thin aren’t interchangeable.  Be proud of your body and everything that it’s capable of.  Be nice to it, we only get one. 

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